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I am a 2013 Pulitzer Crisis Center Reporting fellow looking at Jerusalem, Eternal City, Divided City for which I've been writing for the New Yorker - see this piece on settler evictions in Sheikh Jarrah and this piece on building permits in Jerusalem - and for Newsweek - see this piece on Danny Seidemann, the map whisperer of Jerusalem.   And photos of the journey...As well as served as a pundit for New America and Pulitzer on the future of peace in Israel/Palestine. 

This  year I've been working on a book for Riverhead about the lover my grandfather left behind when he fled Vienna.  It's a story that began some years ago when I won the 2010 Peter R. Weitz Prize from the German Marshall Fund for Excellence in reporting on Europe. 
The prize was awarded to my Slate series about the Holocaust Archives in Bad Arolsen, Germany and the war time letters I found from my Grandfather- it's in five parts...

a selection of recent pieces:

While in Israel I investigated the story of my cousin's long-lost Warsaw Ghetto diary - 800 pages lost to history. 

Cover of NYT Travel: Minorca: Spain's Biosphere Reserve 

Cover Story in The Nation on 972 Magazine Israel's New Left Goes on Line.

When Anti-Semitism is Abused: The Forward

The Return of Mein-Kampf: International Herald Tribune

The New Scapegoats of Europe: International Herald Tribune

36 Hours Vienna: New York Times

An Ambassador Under Siege: PBS Need to Know.

All American Prejudice: PBS Need To Know

Cover of NYT Travel: Miró's Majorca July 15, 2011

I have been remiss in posting the Cover story on the Crooked Road I wrote for New York Times Travel and the accompanying audio slide show....

Glen Beck in Israel - Intel

Kafka's Calisthenics - (and check out the video! below, right)

36 Hours in Key West - New York Times 

Sinking Peace - Politics Daily

Soccer, Racism and Israel's Unlikely World Cup Hero: for Politics Daily

Marine Le Pen Tones down France's Far Right: for Politics Daily.

George Mitchell and Indirect Talks
for Politics Daily

Tariq Ramadan: Radical or Reformer:
Politics Daily

Stimulus programs that role at night, in the New York Times

Vienna Diary for Hemispheres

Children Speak for Same Sex Marriage - New York Times

How can a baby cost $22,000? Read here how: at Double X You can also listen to me on NPR

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